High Deposition Rate Magnetron Sputtering — HDRMS

HDRMS Basic Features:
  • Energy value of an atom evaporating from metal surface under magnetron sputtering conditions is in diapason 250 — 1500 eV/t while 1 tom of Ar with E = 500 eV gives 0,6-0,7 tom of Ti. The magnetron energy value of an atom is lower than the same of Arc sputtering; but when the power density is > 40 W/m2 additional evaporation and material sublimation occur that decreases the energy value of evaporating atoms.
  • HDRMS is an ecologically clean coating technology that differs by high power density of plasma discharge (PD) (40 — 500 W/m2 and >) and accordingly by high deposition rate of films (10 — 100 m /h and >); the latter gives new opportunities to apply ecologically safe physical methods for materials deposition.

  • Sputtering of great materials variety: conductors, semi-conductors, carbon-containing, ceramics;
  • Wide deposition rate diapason: 0,1-100 m /h and >;
  • high quality & uniformity of the coatings including multi-component & -layered both in content and inside a stratum;
  • equal deposition rate of different materials out of mosaic targets (when PD > 40 W/m2);
  • high design accuracy for both mosaic targets and coatings sputtered;
  • high productivity (the same or even higher compared with chemical deposition);
  • low production cost and target manufacturing.
  • full ecology safety (absence of liquid and gas wastes, transportation and storage of poisonous reagents)

HDRMS — Technology being as safe for a human-being and environment is a natural substitution for ecologically harmful chemical & electro-chemical technologies for coating deposition; while securing not only the same production capacity but considerably better coatings quality and incomparably wider coatings assortment of the materials, compounds, composites sputtered which cannot be deposited by chemical technologies.