Ion-Plasma Beam Treatment technology

The Ion implantation is an advanced method for surface modification

Inacotec has been developing the technology for the precision and general machine industries

The equipment designed for the technology permits to get the beams of accelerated ions for almost all Mendeleyev’s periodic table elements in the wide energy diapason (up to 50 keV for monocharged ions and up to 200 keV for multicharged ions of heavy metals — W, Mo, Ta, Re...). The ion sources are: (i) classic gas discharge of Freeman’s type and (ii) impulse-arc discharge of Brown’s type. On the basis of those sources the implantors of series “Sokol” and “Vita” to be employed in the industry were designed.

Besides, the ion beam surface influence also leads to the sputtering of surface material which, in its turn, could be deposited on the substrate. This effect is utilized in the ion beam equipment designed by Inacotec for both materials deposition and surface cleaning.