Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) Technology

Inacotec has been developing a unique technology of the deposition to be accompanied by ion beam (IBAD — technology). Unlike conventional sputtering technologies the plasma deposition process is constantly and/or sequentially assisted by high energy beam of heavy elements ions; while bombarding coating the ions to: (i) influence on forming a certain film material structure, (ii) strengthen coating adhesion, (iii) permanently enrich a growing coating with new metals resulting in forming new alloys, composites and other quasi stable combinations.

In order to put into operation the technology a number of industrial and lab installations having been employed in Russian and foreign research centers were created. More detailed information can be seen in the Chapter ôTechnical papersö.

The main tool to get the IBAD — technology is implantors of Sokol series designed in Inacotec. The implantors let assist the deposition process at both Arc and Magnetron evaporators.

The basic results obtained due to applying the IBAD — technology are:
  • The increase of wear-resistance and cutting rate for milling cutters to treat the parts made of Ti was by 3 times (made for ╬└╬ źNPO Saturn╗, Rybinsk).
  • The design of coating with high surface electrical capacitance and low residual for the electrodes of electrocardiostimulators (made for ZAO ôCardioelectronikaö, Klimovsk, Moscow region).
  • A new series of low dry friction coatings (made together with MGTU Misis, Moscow).
  • A new technology for raising the resistance of Nitrides to coat cutting tools (jointly made with MGTU Stankin, Moscow and the Otto fon Gerike University, Magdeburg, FRG.