Arc Ion-Plasma Technologies

The Basic features for Arc Ion-Plasma Technologies
  • Energy value of an atom evaporating from surface is for: (i) Cd — 50 eV/t and (ii) W — 850 eV/t
  • Mean material output value under Arc is for: (1) Cd — 31018 t/Cl and (ii) W — 0,21018 t/Cl
  • Under mean current of 100 A in a stationary Arc, the deposition rate (DR), for instance, of Ti is 71019 t/s or 20 gr/h; while if Ti is deposited onto the surface of 1000 m2, the DR can be 50 m /h.

At the moment of vacuum arc switching on a contraction on the target surface occurs which leads to forming a cathode spot. The spot produces target material vapor ionizing in the electrical field near to the cathode; thus the forming plasma is almost getting ionized and consists of multi charged ions plus a droplet phase of target material; the share of droplet phase is: (i) 10% for fusible and (ii) ~ 1% for refractory metals.

In order to get rid of the droplets special separators are employed.

The Arc Ion-Plasma Technologies are used to deposit the following coatings:

Arc evaporators using for the Arc Ion-Plasma Technologies are of high rate for coatings deposition. The mean current indicator for a single evaporator of various designs fluctuate from 50 to 500 ; the latter shows the prospects for Arc deposition application to meet the requirements for the coatings to be sputtered under high DR.