Alternative technologies

Alternative technologies to replace electrochemical methods

А. To deposit Cr, Ni, Co, Cu, Sn, Zn, Brass, etc onto various articles/parts made of common and low-alloyed steels, Ti- & Al- alloys, plastics.

The above metals could be deposited by ion-plasma methods:
  1. vacuum magnetron sputtering from cathodes (targets) made of:
    • the metals mentioned above,
    • the materials which cannot be deposited by electrochemical processes:
    • 18-8 stainless steel; high alloyed austenitic steels; Ni-alloys; Cr-Ni alloys; Cr-Al alloys; Cr-Ti alloys; Austenite steel + Cr + Al; Cr-Al-Y alloys; etc.

    Such coatings possess, besides corrosion resistance, special properties such as: high micro hardness Hv up to 1400 kg/mm2; higher wear resistance; acid-proof; resistance to melt Na, Pb, Bismuth; nano-crystal structure.

  2. magnetron sputtering from mosaic targets + surface treatment by impulse electron or plasma beams.
  3. vacuum Arc + impulse magnetron sputtering + surface treatment by impulse electron beams.

B. Anodizing and Oxidizing being used to deposit oxy-carbide and nitride coatings onto articles/parts made of Ti, Al, and other metals.

The above coatings could be deposited by ion-plasma methods:
  • to get not only the given thickness (0,01-5-10 m and more) but also various colors by giving into the vacuum chamber reactive gases: Oxygen and Nitrogen.
  • by using various cathodes, including mosaic targets, containing Ti, Al, Zr, Ni, Y, Cr, Co, Hf, V, Si, Fe.