Coating technology

Technology concept

Two key methods have been laid down into the technology concept of surface treatment for structural materials, namely:
  • Vacuum plasma coating sputtering (To have vacuum coatings deposition from plasma some effective methods of plasma producing have been elaborated, such as: ion-plasma magnetron & arc, and combined methods to advance modern means for depositing different film materials of given composition and structure)
  • Surface treatment by accelerated beams of high-energy ions, plus (Due to surface attack by accelerated high-energy ions beam the ion implantation of various chemical elements into the substrate external strata occurs; such an impact on the external strata crystal structure leads to their alloying that changes surface functional properties)
The methods are much more universal and technological allowing to: (i) sputter practically any materials — metals and alloys both magnetic and non-magnetic, chemical compounds, composite; (ii) get the films of ultra dispersed both amorphous and amorphous-like types; (iii) deposit coatings onto the surface of substrate being made also of any materials: metals, alloys, ceramics, plastics, glass, carbon, carboplastics, etc.

A specific place in the technology concept belongs to a new method which unites the two mentioned means — combined sputtering; the latter activates the surface processes on the border ôsubstrate-plasmaö permitting in one technological cycle to create a wide spectrum of interactions and to embody new technologies of forming film materials.

Technologies and coating types

Based on the above technologies there have been created both various deposition methods and different coating types of:
  • metals and alloys, pseudo-alloys (Mo-Cu, W-Cu, W-Sn, W-Pb, etc) and intermetalic pseudo-alloys (Ni-Al, Ni-Mg, Ti-Cu);
  • chemical compounds: refractory metals with N, C, Si, S, B;
  • oxides, including complex so-called spinel, etc.
Besides, by using the above deposition coatings methods methodological principles for creating new class of materials based on atom-cluster mixing have been worked out. As a result it becomes possible to get new composite materials, for instance, Metal-Metal (Me-Me), Me-C, Me-C-N and others.

Inacotec provides services in depositing the following coating types: