Consumable materials & targets

Inacotec produces and delivers a wide nomenclature of mosaic targets for already- supplied HDRMSS.

Nowadays, mosaic targets application is the quickest effective and save way to model & create new steels, alloys, composites and other materials.

Special directly-cooled mosaic targets:
  • planar type
  • tubes (coaxial) Ø from 5 mm & >, L= 7500 mm & >
Basic fields of mosaic target technology applications:
  • High-tech engineering industries: aero-space engine-building — modeling creation of completely new multi-component & -layered nanostructured composite refractory, heat-resisting thermo-gradient coatings of up to 150 m& > in thickness; such coatings seriously raise life service under conditions of high temperatures and dynamic loadings.
  • Newest fields of science and technology:
    • modeling meta-stable states (structure amorphousness, meta-stable phases formation, adding insoluble components, etc) and studying its influence on various materials properties;
    • creating very new materials based on nano-size effect realization.
Types of the targets suggested:
  • Mosaic targets for HDRMSS: D-50, D-100 types. Various combinations/proportions of metals to have composite coatings.
  • Mosaic targets to get Carbide coatings consisting of the combination of metals and graphite in given proportions.