Services and maintenance

LLC INACOTEC CENTER (Inacotec Innovative Nano & Coating Technologies) is an innovation scientific-production company engaged in development of ecologically pure ion-plasma technologies and equipment both for production of the latest materials for nanoindustry and for deposition of multi layer complex alloy nanostructured coatings on parts and products of hi tech industry sectors; in replacement of hazardous for the human health technologies of chemical and electric chemical deposition of materials.

Main directions in INACOTEC research, development and production activity:

1. New developments in the sphere of physical (PVD) methods on surface modification and coating:2. Development and production of new materials and coatings (basic technological concept on creation of new materials):3. Replacement of ecologically dangerous electric chemical methods of coatings;

4. Development, renewal and automation of the special vacuum equipment applied in the adjacent sectors and industries:5. Training of engineers and technicians to work at the modern automated vacuum installations of coating; staff training and qualification improvement;

6. Manufacture of consumables for ready made magnetron evaporation systems.