Wear-resistant coatings

In addition to conventional Ti-Nitrides coatings some technologies to deposit the following films have been worked out, namely:
  • Nitrides of Zr, Cr, Mo, Gf, Ta,
  • Ti-carbonitrides,
  • Ti-Al intermetalic compounds,
  • Al-oxides.
Multilayered coatings structure:

The technologies to coat tools in 25 Russian plants and research centers are used. 5000 units of cutting tools, stamps, press-forms, machinery parts have been treated giving the growth of service life by 2-5 times.

In particular, the coated tools test has been carried out in the MGTU Stankin, Moscow and Otto von Gerike University, Magdeburg, FRG which have demonstrated the service life increase of the tools coated by our technology by two times comparing with the tools having been coated using conventional technology with ion bombardment.

By employing the technologies the following rise in tools service life reached:

Hard alloy cutting blade2-4 times
High-speed steel cutting blade3-5 times
Wire cutterup to 14 tms
Press-forms3-5 times
Stamps3-4 times
Various axis cutters 2-4 times

Inacotecs technologies to deposit high-tech wear-resisting coating are designed to apply to different tool types of cutters and stamps & dies.