Tribo-technical coatings

  • The coatings based on Me-C and Chalco-genetics (MeS2, MeSe2) due to their unique particularities — abnormally low coefficient of both static and dynamic friction (<0,05) — are employed in the friction pairs (rolling and sliding parts).
  • In the coating deposition process the ion-assisting technology is applied so as to get fine-grained structure in the coating as well as high adhesion of latter to substrate.
  • "Soft" solid-lubricant coatings (SLC): Cu-C, Ag-C, Ni-C, Co-C, etc, where both components serve as lubricant. In these cases Me does not interact with Carbon or weakly interact at the level of meta-stable composites.
  • Hard" SLC: W-C, Ta-C, Mo-C, Nb-C, Cr-C, Hf-C, Ti-C, Zr-C, Va-C where besides Soft phase of Me-C there is Hard phase — carbides forming a rigid grid.
  • In addition to SL qualities the raise of metal percentage in the composites leads to growing their high wear-resistance acquiring; the latter let them successfully be applied to prolong the service life of cutting tools.