Functional coatings

  • heat resisting and corrosion resistant coating for turbine blades of avia-engines and power station engines as well as other parts and components of GTE. Such coating design allows for a given time period to self-support its workability by reproducing oxides on the blade surface being in immediate contact with surrounding atmosphere;
  • Coatings possessing catalytic properties, for instance, to secure much cleaner burning in Internal-Combustion Engines;
  • Anti-burnt and self-cleaning coatings;
  • electro-conducting coatings on to dielectric substrate;
  • optical thin coatings;
  • biocompatible coatings on to the parts to be medically put inside a human-being like: prosthesis, cardio-electrodes, dental surgery articles;

Sketch for a protective multi-layered coating
Optical coatings
Teeth implantant