Decorative coatings

To deposit decorative coatings being put onto metal/glass/ceramics/plastics articles targets made of gold, silver, platinum as well as brass, aluminum, bronze as well as nitrides of Ti and Zr as substitutes for precious metals are used.

Thin films from oxides and oxycarbides of the IV-VI group metals, Al, Fe, Co, Ni. To meet the demand for the above decorative coatings Inacotec has worked out a special technology for getting oxide thin films without utilizing a pure oxygen (which is explosive under applying steam-oil vacuum pumps) and HF-processes to sputter oxides.

By employing conventional deposition of metallic materials under direct current and gaseous mixtures being inert to oil, it has become possible to produce with high probability thin transparent, semi-transparent and opaque oxide coatings onto the surface of different materials including glass and ceramics.

The technology is highly universal allowing getting in one working cycle mono- and multi-films of variable composition.

The technology in question permits to deposit the following oxide coatings:
  • Pure transparent with refraction ratio 2.1 — 2.3;
  • Transparent slightly-colored lustre type with wide color shades, for instance, silvery, golden, light blue, ruby-colored, greenish, golden-brown, etc;
  • Semi- transparent colored, for instance, violet, blue, light blue, green, yellow, brown, black, etc.
  • Opaque with highly bright color, for instance, violet, blue, emerald-green, lilac, etc.