Arch evaporators

• Arch evaporators serve for vacuum coating of various parts and products.
• Arch evaporators’ work is based on the vacuum arch discharge with the integral “cold cathode” burning exclusively in vapors of cathode materials.
• When the vacuum arch is lit, it initiates the chemical contraction on the cathode –target resulting in cathode spot emitting the vapor of the vaporized material which is ionizing in the electric field in the vicinity of cathode
• Plasma resulting from this process is practically fully ionized and contains the multivalent ion and drop phase of target material which share in the low-melting metals is ~10%, and in the high melting metals -~1%.
• Average energy of generated ions is high, it reaches for different materials 40…100 electron volts, and ionization degree of the cathode substance is 50%…90%
• Standard arch evaporator (AE) consists of the following basic components:

In the photo:
- ignition electrode
- cathode
- fixation flange
- target from the spraying material
- cooled anode