Power supply equipment

INACOTEC CENTER offers the power supply equipment for magnetrons. Price shall be agreed by Parties.

Feed element BPM-6/18 serves to supply direct current to magnetrons (magnetron spraying units), which are used for deposition of thin film coatings (with the thickness of up to 10 microns) through condensation of a material in the vacuum upon ion bombardment of current conducting target (cathode) of the magnetron assembly

Technical characteristics

Unit maximal capacity, minimum, kWt 6,0
Current, maximum, 12,0
Maximal output voltage, maximum, V 1000
Power adjustment (gradual) from 0 to Pmax
Surging level upon the nominal capacity, maximum % 10,0
Control mode manual/timer
Stabilization mode current /output
Arch protection provided
Overall dimensions, LWH, mm 570554990
Emitter mass, maximum, kg 300

Feed element control panel