Installation with linear transporter

It designed to vacuum deposit the coatings of 0,01 — 10 m and > (from metals and alloys; chemical compounds of metals with N, O, C, B, Si, S and their mixtures) on to plate and volumetric parts made metal, glass, ceramics, plastics.

Such an installation is equipped with:
  • planar magnetrons of PK-1500 series — up to 6 pie: 3 on each side;
  • Target length up to 1700 mm with discharge power density: > 102W/cm2;
  • Ion sources for ion etching and surface activation — up to 4 pie: 2 on each side;
  • Tunnel type heater — up to 350 C;
  • Glow discharge system;
  • Reference voltage supply — up to 1,1 kW.

Installation total energy power — 180 W.
The working chamber sizes for Installation basic version (mm): 80001800500