Installation with carousel transporter

It is designed to deposit protective and/or decorative coatings of 0,01-10m and more in thickness. The installation differs by a high coating productivity due to effective chamber volume utilization and preliminary application of surface ion treatment as well as HDRMS Systems employment.

Depending upon the tasks put forward plus a technology concept an installation is equipped with:
  • Extended sputtering systems (up to 1100 mm in length and power density up to 100 w/2) of series: (i) planar (PK-1100 up to 4 pieces) or (ii) coaxial (TK-40 — 1 piece);
  • Ion sources (2 pieces) of extended type: up to 1100 mm in length and of power up to 6 KW each;
  • Heater giving temperature up to 750 ;
  • Glow-discharge systems;
  • Devise for supplying reference voltage — up to 1,1 W;
  • Total electrical power — 80 W.