Installation of HDRMSS

Installation of HDRMSS (High Deposition Rate Magnetron Sputtering Systems)

  • Inacotec has designed an advanced ion-plasma high deposition rate magnetron sputtering systems (HDRMSS) being able to generate a plasma discharge of power density (PD) 40-500 W/m2 and >; the latter permits under multi cathode scheme (2-8 cathodes) to have a process productivity/deposition rate equaling to 10-100 m /h.
  • HDRMSS creates an effective coating environment — closed vapor boiler with the circulation of plasma current.
  • Such a system consists of 2, 3, 4, — 8 and > planar HDR magnetrons
  • Inside a Chamber just between targets and ionic source a multi-position planetary mechanism with articles/parts to be coated is placed.

Intra-chamber device scheme:

An Installation being equipped with HDRMSS is able to deposit different materials: metals, alloys, chemical compounds, composites, pseudo-alloys. Substrates could be made of: metals, alloys, ceramics, glass, plastics.

HDRMSS Working parameters:
  • Preliminary Vacuum: P>10-3 Pa;
  • Working Vacuum: P=1-0,01 Pa;
  • Working gas: Ar, P= 1-0,01 Pa;
  • Reactive Gases: O2, N2, C2H2, H2
  • Start voltage: U = 800-1000 V;
  • Working voltage: U = 350-700 V;
  • Power Density: 1-1000 W/cm2;
  • Deposition distance: > 5 mm.

HDRMSS applications:
  • To deposit protective functional coatings of 5 — 150 m onto article/parts for machine industries.
  • To deposit special and new coatings with amorphous and nano-crystal structures including multi-layered and nanostructured.