Installations of Bulat series

Installations of "Bulat" series:

Basic characteristics:
  • Working chamber volume — 100 l;
  • Arc evaporators number — 3;
  • Cathode-evaporator Ø — 60 mm;
  • Max charge — 10 kg;
  • Positions number for axial articles to be coated — 6;
  • Deposition rate on rotation axis — 10m/h;

On Buyers order the installations can be equipped with:
  • double arc-discharge systems,
  • electron bombardment heating systems,
  • separators from droplet phase,
  • electron keys for arc- suppression,
  • computer control systems.

Taking into consideration the requirements of a Buyer Inacotec is ready to assist in modifying arc vacuum technologies suggesting:
  • manufacturing arc evaporators and other modules;
  • making new equipment for concrete requirements;
  • renovating existing equipment;
  • elaborating industrial technologies to deposit required and new coatings.