Equipment for coating

  1. Magnetron sputtering Installations:

  2. INACOTEC CENTER proposes:
    Recommended application fields for deposition of:
    • Coatings on to engineering industries products which need to nave protective functional films of thickness 5 — 150 m and >.
    • Special coatings with amorphous and/or nano-crystal structure.
    • Specially designed coatings with universal qualities on the basis of new type structures: multi-layered, nano-sized plus of completely new materials.

  3. Installations of Vacuum Arc sputtering:

  4. At present time VAS installations are built on the basis of the three industrially known series:
    On client demand the Installation are equipped with the following basic components:
    • Double arc discharge system,
    • Electron bombardment heating system,
    • Separators of droplet phase,
    • Electron keys for arc-suppression,
    • Process computer control.

    Inacotec suggests conducting the following complex of services to put into life some latest elaborations in VAS technique:
    • advanced arc evaporators and other modules to solve concrete tasks;
    • renovation of existing arc equipment;
    • advanced technologies to get new coatings.