Scientific-engineering development

Scientific research and development activity

Main directions of INACOTEC CENTER research and development:
  • Development of structures and manufacture of brand new vacuum installations for surface engineering and research.
  • The staff of INACOTEC CENTER has a huge experience in development of various installations for vacuum coating for different organizations in Russia and EU countries, USA, Korea, Japan and other countries.
  • According to the wish of our Customers we develop and manufacture multipurpose installations/complex devices for 2-3 technologies (each technology means one type of coating, one type of target upon the relevant modes of control, processing and coating of the similar- type products manufactured from the same material).
  • Development of new and modernization of the existing equipment based on the high tech devices of the protective coating high velocity and low velocity ion-plasma magnetron evaporation systems of both planar and coaxial (tubular) types of the required modules to be built-in in different types of operational vacuum volumes of the installations under development, their equipment by hi tech devices and targets with the modern systems of technological process assisting; complete automation; the full range of servicing relevant to erection, commissioning and the post-production technical maintenance and supervision.
  • Types of develop installations. All installations mentioned above:
  • Development of brand new coatings and materials and alloys for them
  • Development of materials with nanostructure and production of nanopowders
Principles of cooperation with Russian and foreign partners on development of vacuum technologies of coating are based on the complex approach to resolution of technical tasks of turn key basis set by our Customer, starting from development of the technology and to the moment of its erection and commissioning, personnel training with the following field supervision and servicing.

All completed works and research were presented in the Section on News.