Innovative R&D and Production Company

LLC INACOTEC CENTER (Inacotec Innovative Nano & Coating Technologies) is a research and production company engaged in development of ecologically pure ion-plasma technologies and equipment both for production of latest materials for nanoindustry and for application of multilayer complex alloy treated nanostructured coatings on parts and products from high tech manufacturing sectors; in replacement of technologies for chemical and electrical chemical deposition hazardous for a human health.

Main directions of Inacotec R&D and production activity:

  1. Engineering in the area of physical (PVD) methods on modification of surfaces of processed parts and products

  2. Development and creation of new materials, coatings and technologies on their application

  3. Replacement of ecologically dangerous electrical chemical methods on coating

  4. Development, renewal, automation of special vacuum equipment used in adjacent sectors and productions

  5. Manufacture of consumables for ready-made magnetron spraying systems

  6. Center on staff training and qualification improvement in the area of modern PVD-methods on coating

Mobile power supply equipment for magnetrons is offered.